Terms And Conditions

Our Products.

All of our products are subject to change dependent on availability. In the event that we are unable to source a specific order, we will endeavour to contact the customer, to offer a product as close in appearance as possible, and of equal value.  Alternatively, a full refund may be offered. If unable to contact the customer, we will provide a product of equal value.

In the event we are unable to provide the customer’s order at all, we will make contact with the customer as soon as is reasonably possible, and will provide a full refund.

Changes may be made to advertised information about products and services, without notice.

Some flowers may be provided in bud, to ensure maximum life of a product.

Some flowers and foliage may have irritant or poisonous properties. For additional information, please contact us before placing an order, by telephone (01594 542121) or email (lavendersbluefloristry@gmail.com).

Following delivery, the recipient should not display flowers in direct sunlight, near radiators, or near fruit, and should follow the care directions provided with the order. Failure to do so may affect the customer’s right to return and/or exchange.

Returns and Exchanges.

We are committed to providing high quality, fresh flowers and accessories. However, in the unusual event that the customer is not completely satisfied with the quality of the product we provide, they should contact us within forty-eight hours of the time the product is received. Any items that we deem to have been damaged by the customer or recipient will not be refunded. In cases where a full product refund is provided, delivery charges will not be refunded.


Payment will be made by cash, card (please telephone for details of the cards we accept) direct bank transfer or cheque, made payable to Lavender’s Blue Florist.

For orders of less than £150.00 in value (excluding delivery), payment will be made in full upon order or delivery, or during the period between these events.

For orders exceeding £150.00 (excluding delivery), a £50.00 deposit will be made upon order, with remaining payment to be made upon or before delivery.

Weddings/Event work.

In the case of wedding flowers, a non-refundable £100.00 deposit is required to secure flowers for the customer’s wedding day. Final details of the order should be confirmed by two weeks prior to the date of the customer’s wedding, unless this date proceeds a period of public holiday, e.g. Christmas, in which case details must be confirmed one month before the date of the customer’s wedding. Full payment must be made at the latest, by fourteen days before the date of the customer’s wedding.  

An initial consultation of one hour in duration, up to two estimates, and a thirty minute finalising session will be provided free of charge.  Additional planning consultations and estimates/replans/administration will be charged at a rate of £20 per hour. 

Blooms provided on the customer’s wedding day will be matched as closely as possible in appearance to the ones discussed during consultation.  However, all blooms are subject to slight variation dependent on availability.

Regarding hired glassware and props from Lavender’s Blue for weddings or other events, items will be collected by us (unless alternative arrangements are made) on the day following the event.  Any breakages or non-returned items will be charged to the customer at a rate proportionate to the item concerned.  This rate is calculated based on the value of the item, and the cost to replace it, and is set by Lavender’s Blue.  Charges for unreturned hire items will be invoiced to the customer within a month of the hire date, and payment is required within one week of the invoice date.


The latest time at which orders may be placed for same-day delivery, is 14:30. Orders placed after this time will be delivered on the next working day, unless otherwise specified by the customer.

We will endeavour to ensure that orders are delivered on the day specified. However, should this not be possible we will endeavour to notify the customer. In circumstances where an attempted delivery is made, and the recipient is not available to accept it, an attempted delivery card with further instruction will be left at the recipient’s address.

To accept our delivery of a product formally, the recipient or a competent member of the household is required to provide a signature confirming accurate delivery to the address specified by the customer. In circumstances where delivery is made to a corporate establishment, delivery may be formally accepted an employee of the establishment.

Data Protection.

The name, telephone number, postal and email address details of the customer and/or recipient will be used by us to supply our products and accept payment. They will be used for this sole purpose, and will not be disclosed to any other parties.

Details provided by the customer in gift cards will be confidential. We reserve the right to refuse to send messages to recipients where they may be construed as harassing, threatening, abusive, or obscene.